Wednesday, July 22, 2009

farmers' table on Saturday, July 18th

we started with zucchini from Thane Palmberg Farm topped with creamy dill and sipped pureed cucumber from Nature's Choice Biodynamic Farm shaken with Most Wanted Vodka and blue bird garden mint, as we mingled and visited with Fred and Barb from Nature’s Choice Biodynamic Farm in St. Joe, Missouri and Mary and Jim from Wood Mood Garden organic farm in Higginsville, Missouri

Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch heritage turkey breast tossed with sweet onion from Thane Palmberg Farm, candy onion, texas sweet onion and chipolini from Organic Way Farm and cucumber from Nature’s Choice Biodynamic Farm in a local white wheat crisp drizzled with the essence of summer

Wood Mood Farm purple majestic potato au gratin with house made ricotta from Green Hills Organic Dairy milk on a bed of sautéed stone head, savoy and napa cabbage from Organic Way Farm laced with buerre blanc

Organic Way Farm colored peppers filled with a summer herb vegetable soup garnished with a Morningland Dairy raw milk white cheddar cheese cracker

all natural Good Nature Family Farm beef layered with Organic Way Farm Kentucky Wonder green beans, Nature’s Choice Biodynamic Farm cherry tomatoes and drizzles of a reduction of Most Wanted vodka and Bob Burns Kansas honey

we finished with Organic Way Farm cantaloupe trio
a sweet chilled cantaloupe and mint soup topped with cubes of fire glazed cantaloupe and gelled candied cantaloupe