Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch farmers' table, 8/22/09

Cornish Indian Game Hen, kernels of Organic Way Farm sweet corn and Niles Home for Children Organic Garden bronze heirloom fennel bulbs rolled in a summer corn wrap dusted with fennel

the last picking of Western Hills Produce Farm blackberries, Wood Mood Garden Red Toppeleno onion and the New Hampshire pulled chicken tossed in blue bird bistro garden lavender vinaigrette over Nature’s Choice Biodynamic Farm mixed greens

slow roasted Jersey Black Giant carved over Thane Palmberg Farm finger eggplant, circled with Organic Way Farm yard long beans and drizzled with au jus

above: a shredded medley of Wood Mood Garden Nicola, Purple Majesty and German Butterball potatoes, blue bird bistro garden basil and Barred Rock with Minno Brennerman Farm beurre blanc

left: a vegetarian option for this course

Organic Way Farm sweet watermelon soup